Our Story

Way back in 2018 we decided we needed our own party. There was nowhere else in London playing the music we liked. Sure you would get club nights playing our particular strain of techno and others playing hardcore. But not in the same place, on the same night. So that's exactly what we decided to do.

After a chance meeting with the owner of a brand new venue in South London called Venue MOT (it was previously a garage), we had found the perfect place. It took six months of planning and raising enough money to make sure we could pay all the DJs if the party was a flop. But it wasn't - it hit, and it hit hard.

We followed each party with banging lineups, and even though some parties were mostly empty, we persevered. We kept going. We didn't book the popular DJs or play what everyone else was playing. We were forging our own sound.

And then slowly, at each party we started to get more and more people. We were growing! After 18 months or so we had quite a name. We were going to do a big two room party, our biggest yet, with a legendary artist celebrating his album launch. We won't say his name, but he is well known in the acid and jungle scene. 

And then 2020 happened.

All venues shut down. Everyone was stuck at home. Scared. Freaked out. 

I had just got back from Bangface, and gone straight into lockdown. Stuck with nothing to do, I started DJing using mixlr a few days into lockdown. A surprising amount of people listened and got in the chat room. So I carried on, day after day, and it was only natural to invite some of the listeners to contribute with their own shows. Believing the lockdown to only last a couple of weeks I made the rash decision to broadcast every weekday while the lockdown was in effect.

The first lockdown lasted 7 weeks.

And we broadcast every weekday, with 5 -8 shows a night from DJs playing from all over the world

In total 72 DJs performed over this time, some of them many times. Connections were formed online, as were friendships and even romances. Hangovers were a daily occurrence. I never knew how much fun staring at a wall of scrolling text packed with in-jokes could be. Lockdown became one big party.

The UK had three lockdowns in total, and while we broadcast through each of them, none were as fun as the first one.

During the first lockdown I put into motion an idea I had been toying with. I started a record label. There was no real ethos behind it - it was more, I like music..... how can I be involved more? Starting a record label seemed like a good idea. And so Das Booty Records was born.

A few months in, Shadesy announced he wanted to start up his own label. And rather than face the prospect of being rivals, I asked him to join Das Booty Records as an equal partner. It made sense to join forces as had similar tastes and chatted online everyday anyway. And after making me sweat for a bit (thanks Scott!) - he accepted. We were and continue to be, a great partnership, with well-received releases coming thick and fast immediately.

In-between lockdowns, we would organise socially distanced parties. It is crazy to think that people would be willing to pay to listen to blazing rave music, sat down in the freezing cold, but we sold out each and every one. People desperately wanted to connect. 

Eventually the UK lockdowns eased completely and we went straight back into putting on parties. But the landscape had changed. The UK nightlife industry was devastated. But we rebuilt, and never lost sight of what we wanted to do.

The Das Booty family has grown a lot over the last few years and we're continuing to grow and evolve. The future is exciting!

And thats where we are now - putting on raves, releasing music and now: selling clothes. Why the fuck not? Life's too short to sit around.

We make clothes for the rave, the street and the pub.

- Rory